Sunday, June 20, 2010

Linkedin/Plaxo/Personal Website

Through completing this assignment with creating three different venues to social connect on a professional level, by using either, Linkedin, Plaxo or your own personal website. I feel that the use of Linkedin is the most appropriate as it provides a way to network with other in your field. This is a great opportunity and site to use as many people and organizations are taking to the web for applications, resumes and job hunting. I also feel that personal websites such as Google Sites, where you can create a web page for free, allows greater access to your potential employers since you can post your professional portfolio on this site, and paste the url on your resume for them to view. Lastly is the Plaxo site which I do not feel is as helpful as the other two sites with job hunting or networking with people in the field, as this is similar to a contact list. If you have already established yourself within than they will be linked into your contact list.

With everything being said, I feel that Linkedin is the best way for job networking in the modern age of technology.

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