Friday, June 4, 2010

So we had to set up an account with, and like many new technologies, I am skeptical and frustrated easily, that I have to add something new to my limited understanding of the web. Like usually I question to myself how will I ever use this, or why would I ever need this. Eventually as the tutorial progresses and shows all the ways that, can improve our classroom as well as help manage everyday life, I begin to enjoy and understand all of these possibilities. Maybe I should just go in with the attitude know that in the end it will be exciting and helpful, instead of skepticism.

So what is Well is an internet bookmarking site. So let's say you use several computers throughout the day and you have a website that you use, but you may not know the web address, well at least for me that happens. So with a account all your bookmarks are on the net for you, there is no need to have to wait till your on your main computer. It is like using the bookmark button on the browser you already have, but this time you can take it with you.

What other benefits does have to offer? Well you are able to tag your bookmarks so that you can easily find them in groups. So for me I use a lot of track and field webpages, so I may want a webpage for running, and one for jumping and another for the throwing events. With this even though all three websites may have similar addresses, their content may be different, so by adding a tag and grouping them in categories, I can now easily find the appropriate website that I am looking for.

Aside from personal use, you can create a class page, and for a particular unit, you may set aside various pages for student use. This will help the students perform better and more focused research.

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