Friday, May 28, 2010

RSS Feeds

What is RSS you may be asking? Well RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and that is it in a nutshell. By subscribing to an RSS feed, you are now able to view headlines for numerous websites at once and get all of the new update information from those sites that you subscribe to right on one page. By subscribing to a RSS feed on a particular site, and using a site such as to host the feeds, you are than able to quickly view what is new at each site. The RSS fee hosting site is called an agitator.

RSS feeds are beneficial as you do not have to spend all your time fishing around on the net, to try and find what's new on your favorite sites. RSS agitator sites does the hard work for you.



New Technologies

Well, Let's just say almost everything that we have been learning in this class has been pretty new to me. However, one exciting new piece of technology that I have found interesting so far is the use of audacity. Audacity is a audio program in which you can create mp3 files with. I particularly have an interest in this due to my line of work with coach. I feel through this program I can put together a podcast for my athletes to listen, so that they have an understanding of the daily practice. I have always wanted to incorporate technology into my practices and I feel that this will be one that I will use outside of this class. It is a simple program, that can be understood quickly, thus making it an important tool to use, due to the simplicity of it.




So we are all here to learn about technology. Well I am for one not even close to being up on the newest gizmo's, gadgets, internet tools and everything else. However, through this course, my eyes are opening and I am coming out the 1990'a and joining the 21st century when it comes to internet technology and its resources. I had known about facebook, myspace, and all of the social networks out there, but hadn't realized what it was, it is a form of microblogging, and peer review. We are using microblogging everyday, whether it is to update your status or to say hi to a friend. Through microblogging the future of friendships as well as communication has evolved. I read in one article people are becoming friends of friends in real life due to sending a friend request to them via the mutal friends facebook site. This is a big change, as previously becoming a friend of a friend, involved face to face contact and communication.

This is just one way that microblogging and microblogging sites are shaping up our future. Is it good or is it bad? Who knows, but one thing for sure it is filling the gap in the world, and people are now a global community being able to talk to everyone, with a few type words and a click of the mouse.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Web 2.0 is Here!!!

Well I have been reading for my technology class in grad school, and this concept of web 2.0 comes up? What is this web 2.0? Well it is everywhere now-a-days, and I am sure everyone has come across in some point in their lives, whether it is facebook, myspace, the use of wikipedia, or even listening to a podcast or watching a youtube video. So what do all of these sites have in common, well it is you! Web 2.0 is the new way of the internet, it is interaction on websites, it is streaming a RSS feed so that your class, your team, friends or clients and public can get the latest information about your site as quickly as possible. Web 2.0 also puts you in control. Have you tagged a friend in facebook? Well you just became part of the future of the web. Have you read an article in wikipedia, well you are also taking part in the way the web is shaping up. Web 2.0 is giving you the control to shape up the internet, whether it is through blogging as seen here to get your ideas to a group, or through discussion forums or polls all of this is new content.

So where is are we seeing web 2.0? Well in the libraries. For myself I have been to a library since I was a kid, well maybe to make a copy of a document on the copying machine, but thats about it. So libraries are using these devices to attract the public and the younger generation. Libraries can use these devices to create announcements, to receive feedback, to allow you to get the latest inventory, and also be apart of the thought process behind the scenes.

So how are librarians getting the teens out to the library? Well it happens to be the age of Library 2.0 as well. Libraries want teens to have a part in the decision making process with the technology. Libraries are creating groups that have a panel of teens on to help with the latest technology and ideas to allow them to share and expand on the ever growing youth population. Even more exciting for younger citizens is that some libraries are even incorporating gaming into the library setting, through game stations.

Lastly, Web 2.0 is becoming mainstream in the classroom. When I was a student there were peer groups in which we worked together and produced a project in the classroom setting and sometimes at one another's homes. However, with various online services, students are being able to express themselves and work on project corroboratively on the net. Students can share, peer review, and teach through examples and following through the use of the web 2.0 technology. As the younger generation becomes teachers, and technology advances, there will be more focus on the use of such online group sharing for projects.

Remember that the internet is not an open community, lets use these new technologies to teach students lifelong skills, through communication and etiquette, or "netiquette" as what you post, everyone can see!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grand Central (Metro North Train Terminal)

Photo of Grand Central Terminal. It is in the Heart of Manhattan in NYC. I use this terminal everyday in my commute to work from the Norther Suburbs of New York. There are over 110 tracks that enter into this station from New York and Connecticut.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just joined Twitter

Well today I joined twitter. It is my first time using it, and like most of the technology around me, it was interesting to learn, and at this point don't understand it that well, but I am sure it will become easier as the time goes on.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Ever Blog!

Hey Everyone!

First time I have ever created a blog or truly ever used a blog site. This should be interesting! Well I guess you can take a look at my info on this page to get a better glimpse of myself. So I invite you to enjoy the blog, as well as watch myself and the post grow as I continue to learn more about the technology at hand.