Thursday, June 10, 2010

Google Docs

With Google docs, you can share files easily without the use of an email. This tool is something extraordinary, aside from sharing a document from one computer to another, you can even type, like a word document, through the website and than have it transferred to another location.

In the article it states that this may be the future of word processing and may do away with programs such as word, however, I feel though it is a great tool, it may not replace MS Word in the near future.

Prior to this class a friend of mine who is a bit more up to date with technology, told me about Google docs, in order for him to transport a large megabyte file to me. He says that he uses it will all of his clients, since most of his exercise programs do not fit into the normal email capacity.

I am a fan of google, as I use it for almost everything, so I believe I think that file sharing with Google docs will be used frequently by me.

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