Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Web 2.0 is Here!!!

Well I have been reading for my technology class in grad school, and this concept of web 2.0 comes up? What is this web 2.0? Well it is everywhere now-a-days, and I am sure everyone has come across in some point in their lives, whether it is facebook, myspace, the use of wikipedia, or even listening to a podcast or watching a youtube video. So what do all of these sites have in common, well it is you! Web 2.0 is the new way of the internet, it is interaction on websites, it is streaming a RSS feed so that your class, your team, friends or clients and public can get the latest information about your site as quickly as possible. Web 2.0 also puts you in control. Have you tagged a friend in facebook? Well you just became part of the future of the web. Have you read an article in wikipedia, well you are also taking part in the way the web is shaping up. Web 2.0 is giving you the control to shape up the internet, whether it is through blogging as seen here to get your ideas to a group, or through discussion forums or polls all of this is new content.

So where is are we seeing web 2.0? Well in the libraries. For myself I have been to a library since I was a kid, well maybe to make a copy of a document on the copying machine, but thats about it. So libraries are using these devices to attract the public and the younger generation. Libraries can use these devices to create announcements, to receive feedback, to allow you to get the latest inventory, and also be apart of the thought process behind the scenes.

So how are librarians getting the teens out to the library? Well it happens to be the age of Library 2.0 as well. Libraries want teens to have a part in the decision making process with the technology. Libraries are creating groups that have a panel of teens on to help with the latest technology and ideas to allow them to share and expand on the ever growing youth population. Even more exciting for younger citizens is that some libraries are even incorporating gaming into the library setting, through game stations.

Lastly, Web 2.0 is becoming mainstream in the classroom. When I was a student there were peer groups in which we worked together and produced a project in the classroom setting and sometimes at one another's homes. However, with various online services, students are being able to express themselves and work on project corroboratively on the net. Students can share, peer review, and teach through examples and following through the use of the web 2.0 technology. As the younger generation becomes teachers, and technology advances, there will be more focus on the use of such online group sharing for projects.

Remember that the internet is not an open community, lets use these new technologies to teach students lifelong skills, through communication and etiquette, or "netiquette" as what you post, everyone can see!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog Mike. You actually said it better then the articles, and now I understand a little better what Web 2.0 is. All my friends have facebook pages, myspace, etc. and they have said "you need to join, we can stay intouch much better", and I told my husband, i am so not doing the facebook or myspace thing, that's what my students do. Well, I broke down and did a facebook page, and now, well, I gues I am part of this Web 2.0, and yes, i am addicted to my facebook.

    Being that I am soooo not technology literate, I am glad this class is part of the graduate program; I am learning alot that I can pass on to my students, and to stay up to date with the latest and coolest things. Thanks for the blog, I enjoyed reading it.