Friday, May 28, 2010


So we are all here to learn about technology. Well I am for one not even close to being up on the newest gizmo's, gadgets, internet tools and everything else. However, through this course, my eyes are opening and I am coming out the 1990'a and joining the 21st century when it comes to internet technology and its resources. I had known about facebook, myspace, and all of the social networks out there, but hadn't realized what it was, it is a form of microblogging, and peer review. We are using microblogging everyday, whether it is to update your status or to say hi to a friend. Through microblogging the future of friendships as well as communication has evolved. I read in one article people are becoming friends of friends in real life due to sending a friend request to them via the mutal friends facebook site. This is a big change, as previously becoming a friend of a friend, involved face to face contact and communication.

This is just one way that microblogging and microblogging sites are shaping up our future. Is it good or is it bad? Who knows, but one thing for sure it is filling the gap in the world, and people are now a global community being able to talk to everyone, with a few type words and a click of the mouse.

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