Friday, May 28, 2010

New Technologies

Well, Let's just say almost everything that we have been learning in this class has been pretty new to me. However, one exciting new piece of technology that I have found interesting so far is the use of audacity. Audacity is a audio program in which you can create mp3 files with. I particularly have an interest in this due to my line of work with coach. I feel through this program I can put together a podcast for my athletes to listen, so that they have an understanding of the daily practice. I have always wanted to incorporate technology into my practices and I feel that this will be one that I will use outside of this class. It is a simple program, that can be understood quickly, thus making it an important tool to use, due to the simplicity of it.



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  1. I agree Mike, I have enjoyed playing around with Audacity, our school issued computers have it on them already so I didn't even have to download. It was also nice to find that my laptop already had a mic in it so I didn't have to buy one. I am interested in looking for more ways to use the podcasts in my teaching and coaching.